Cryogel Thermal Energy Storage
Victor J. Ott
P.O. Box 910525
San Diego, California 92191
Telephone: (858) 457-1837
Fax: (858) 457-3480

Company Profile

CRYOGEL, with headquarters in San Diego, CA, introduced Ice Ball Thermal Energy Storage to the U.S. market in 1989.  The product received almost immediate market acceptance due to the simplicity of concept and flexibility with respect to practical issues of installation, operation and maintenance.   Cryogel manufactures Ice Balls near San Diego, CA. 

Few engineers or system designers will argue the fact that simplicity in system design goes a long way toward holding down costs while insuring ease of operation and improving reliability.  Cryogel's success reflects the company's response to market demands for simple and reliable thermal energy storage.

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